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Installation Guide for Rotary Table Bearings

Compared with ordinary bearings, YRT turntable bearings have higher precision, so care should be taken when installing and using them, otherwise the precision and working life of the bearings will be affected.

1. The YRT turntable bearings produced by our company have been injected with high-quality grease before leaving the factory, and users can directly install them for use. Bearings need to be greased regularly. The amount of grease required for lubrication and the lubrication cycle are related to the load, speed and working time of the bearing. Please contact us for specific data.

In the early stages of use of the bearing, the friction torque of the bearing will be relatively large due to the resistance of the grease. After the excess grease overflows, the torque will return to the normal value. In order to achieve the ideal friction torque, the running-in should be carried out according to the required period.

YRT and YRTS series bearings use lithium complex grease, and the applicable temperature is: -35°C to 140°C. The outer rings and L-shaped inner rings of YRT and YRTS series bearings are equipped with oil holes for lubrication.

ZKLDF series thrust angular contact ball bearings are lubricated with barium compound grease and can be lubricated through the oil holes on the outer ring.

2. YRT, YRTS and ZKLDF series bearings have the same installation dimensions. If the accuracy of the mounting surface that matches the bearing is not good, it will affect the rotation accuracy, preload, friction torque and operating characteristics of the bearing. Therefore, the machining accuracy of the shaft and bearing seat must match the accuracy requirements of the bearing. In order to achieve ideal accuracy, The fit clearance should be as close to zero as possible.

The fit between the shaft and the bearing seat is a transition fit. The manufacturing tolerance of the shaft is h5. The manufacturing tolerance of the bearing seat should be J6.

For the ZKLDF series, since there are two inner rings, the fitting clearance should be determined based on the inner ring with a small inner diameter.

Due to its high-speed performance, the YRTS series has stricter requirements for the tolerance and geometric accuracy of the shaft and bearing seat. Please contact us for specific parameters.

In order to make it easier for the shaft and bearing seat to match the actual size of the bearing, each set of bearings comes with inspection records when leaving the factory.

3. Installation:

Bearing parts must be protected during bearing transportation, and the connecting bolts ensure the safety of the bearing during transportation. To make bearing alignment easier, loosen the connecting bolts of the bearing itself before installation and tighten or remove them after installation.

According to the given tightening torque MA, install it with a torque wrench, and tighten it step by step according to the "cross method". The tightening process is divided into three stages. The last time the bolt tightening torque MA is reached, the fixed bolts are tightened while rotating the bearing.

■First stage: MAX40%;

■Second stage: MAX70%;

■The third stage: MAX100%.

The fixing process of the outer ring is the same as that of the inner ring.


*The grade of mounting bolts is 10.9 or above.

*The installation force can only be applied to the bearing ring to be installed, and not through the rolling elements.

*Bearing components cannot be disassembled or interchanged during installation and disassembly.

*If the bearing is extremely difficult to rotate, loosen the mounting bolts and tighten them again in three steps in a criss-cross sequence to eliminate bearing deformation. Do not knock the bearing during installation.

4. The bearing storage place should be clean and ventilated, free of corrosive gases, and the relative humidity should not exceed 65%.

5. The product is coated with special anti-rust oil for bearings when packaging. Under normal circumstances, the anti-rust effect can last for 2 years. After that, the bearings in stock should be re-cleaned and oiled every other year, and the packaging should be kept intact.

For YRTM series bearings with angle measurement systems, the measurement system has been installed on the bearings and adjusted to the best condition when leaving the factory. Users can install and use them immediately after receiving them without any further adjustments. It should be noted that the angle measurement system is a precision electronic component and should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it may cause reduced accuracy and damage. If an accidental collision occurs and the product cannot be used normally, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible and do not solve the problem yourself.

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