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HONB carries out year-end inventory and on-site inspection activities

As the end of the year approaches, work is being wrapped up at the end of the year to reserve energy for the coming year. Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing has carried out orderly inventory rectification and on-site work-in-process inspection activities since November 1, 2023. Conduct statistical analysis and consumption of sluggish materials to improve the efficiency of on-site work-in-progress circulation, effectively utilize the MES production information system to achieve clear and traceable product processing status; strictly evaluate in daily work, eliminate waste, and implement lean production in place to provide customers with high-precision bearing products with fast delivery and excellent quality.


At present, the inventory rectification and inspection work has been successfully completed, and optimization and improvement are in progress. At 8 a.m. on November 18, Ms. Wu Qiaoling, general manager of Hongyuan Bearing, led production director Zhang Xiaobo, dispatching section chief Guan Liping, planning specialist Song Pengge and other management staff to conduct a series of inspections on the flow of in-process products and "6S" at the production sites in the north and south districts. Conduct system troubleshooting and trace and confirm the status of more than a thousand types of parts on site.


The problems discovered during this on-site inspection all reflected the dereliction of responsibilities of relevant functional departments, and the planning department will follow up and implement them one by one.

1. Scheduling personnel must be responsible for the products they are following up to the end. They must ensure that they are fully aware of the processing progress information of any work order. No matter there are any problems with intermediate parts, they must ensure that the "accounts and items are consistent" and there are traces of them. Follow and be accurate.

2. The team leader of the production workshop must be responsible for all materials in the team (tools, labor protection supplies, parts being processed, etc.), and must establish detailed application and allocation usage ledgers to ensure that the status of public materials within the team is clear. The disposal of scrapped products is strictly carried out in accordance with the company's system documents.

3. Technicians must respond quickly. When dealing with abnormal processing problems and repair processes, they must combine the experience and suggestions of on-site processing personnel to solve the problem thoroughly, so that the rapid flow of materials and the overall processing efficiency of the product can be improved.

4. Production and processing personnel should always keep in mind that "product quality is in my hands, and quality awareness is in my heart." Production and processing personnel must be responsible for processing parts, continue to learn, improve their personal skills, and deeply understand the quality concepts of "qualified products are produced, not inspected" and "make bearings with conscience". The company will give certain rewards to employees who pursue quality and excellence, and the company will definitely hold them accountable for any behavior that commits fraud and seriously damages the company's interests.


Lean production advocates "obtaining the maximum output with the minimum investment". On-site management is one of the key supervision and inspection contents at the department and company levels. All production managers must effectively perform their job responsibilities, strengthen cost awareness, and gradually Improve your own work problems. Hongyuan Bearing will make effective use of the MES production information intelligent manufacturing execution system to achieve rational procurement, standardized management, orderly consumption, efficient inventory, and achieve the most efficient planning and resource allocation, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing costs. production costs and promote enterprises to achieve fine management and lean production.

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