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YRT80 Rotary table bearing INA quality

YRT80 High Precision Axial/radial bearings / INA YRT bearing /RTB Bearings/Rotary table bearing

YRT basic rotary table bearings are designed with a radial full roller, two groups of axial needle roller, cage assembly, an out ring, an L-section inner and the second ring. The out ring and inner ring have fixing holes, so the bolt can fix the bearings directly. YRT rotary table bearing structure can bear double-direction axial load, radial load and tilting moment. This series bearing have preload before leaving factory, no need to adjust clearance when installed. This series bearing is particularly suitable for the situation of high precision, high stiffness, low speed, and short rotate period such as rotary table, index heads and revolving milling heads .This kind of bearing has axial and radial running precision for your chosen. HONBbearing07


We have supply YRT rotary table bearings to DMG MORI, GF, GROB, EMAG, FIBRO, LCM, SANKYO etc. for many years.
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