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CSG(CSF)-25 Harmonic reducer bearing

CSG(CSF)-25 Crossed roller bearing for harmonic drive gear reducer /Harmonic reducer rigid bearings CSG(CSF) series
CSG(CSF) Series Crossed Roller Bearings for Harmonic Drive is cross roller structure.According to its application area there are two types(CSG/CSF Series and SHG/SHF Series ).Rolling body are cylindrical rollers which arranged orthogonality,this structure can make one bearing can bear the load from every direction e.g. radial,axial and tilting torque etc. Bearing with high rigidity,rotation accuracy and load carrying capacity. This crossed roller bearing has compact appearance,with mounting hole,customer can mount directly,suitable for every kinds of harmonic drives. HONBbearing07

CSG(CSF) Series Crossed Roller Bearings (Outer ring split,inner ring integraty)
Outer ring split,inner ring integraty structure ,there is no need of flange and bearing seat.suitable for every kind of CSF(CSG) series harmonic drives.

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