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SX011868 thin section crossed roller bearings

SX series thin section crossed roller bearings for robots and packing equipment

SX series crossed roller bearings (outer ring division type with inner rotating, thin section),this type has smaller section than RB series. Due to the extremely thin structure, there is no mounting holes on the outer ring and the inner ring, so this crossed roller bearings requires a presser flange or housing. HONBbearing07

Crossed roller Bearing characteristics:
1. High precision: P4 precision, P2 precision
2. High rigidity: This series bearing have preload
3. High load:This series bearing can bear double-direction axial load, radial load and tilting moment
4. Small size: This series bearing can save space for machine tools

Crossed roller bearings application:
widely used on high precision rotary table, robot joints, rotating units, sophisticated medical equipments, and measurement instruments.


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