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The cause of crossed roller bearing rust

Bearings are precision mechanical parts that require high precision and high surface finish, and corrosion will make the bearing lose its original precision and finish, which will directly affect the performance of the bearing, reduce its service life, and even scrap it.

The main cause of corrosion in crossed roller bearings
1.During the fine grinding or super grinding, the bearing does not reach the specified accuracy, and a certain depth of pits are formed on the surface. Once the corrosion particles or moisture in the air enter these pits, the corrosion will gradually appear.

2.The method of applying anti-rust oil is unreasonable.

3.Effect of humidity. The critical humidity of steel is about 65%, and the production environment humidity exceeds 65%, which can easily cause the bearing to rust.

4.When the bearing is assembled and inspected, the operator directly touches the bearing parts with his hands, causing the sweat on the hands to stay on the bearing surface, which will cause the outer ring of the bearing to rust.

5.The material of the bearing steel does not meet the requirements, such as the high content of non-metallic impurities in the steel (the increase of the sulfur content in the steel reduces the corrosion resistance of the material itself).
How to Prevent Corrosion in Crossed Roller Bearings?

1. The finished bearings are mechanically sprayed with kerosene twice, mechanically sprayed with rust-proof and lubricating dual-purpose oil, and packed with polyethylene seals.
2. Before kerosene spraying and anti-rust lubricating dual-purpose oil spraying, filter the filter element that meets the process requirements to ensure the cleanliness of the finished bearing. The fuel tank and machine tool are thoroughly cleaned once a month.
3. When inspectors and assemblers touch finished parts and bearings, they need to apply liquid gloves to avoid rust caused by hand sweat.
4. The finished bearing should be handled with care during transportation and storage to avoid damage to the package.
5. The assembly room and the finished bearing storage room should be dry, clean and free of pollution sources.

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