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Causes of discoloration of crossed roller bearing grease

It is common for grease to discolor in crossed roller bearings, even when not in the bearing. This is because:
1. The grease has oxidation problems
        Grease sits (or runs) for a period of time and will have a lot of contact with oxygen, and at the same time, the metal (the bearing itself) acts as a catalyst in this oxidation reaction. Therefore, when calculating the replenishment interval of grease in the bearing, the problem of oxidation should also be considered. Many greases are now available with antioxidant additives. This does not mean that it will not oxidize.

2.During the working of crossed roller bearings.
        The temperature (the bearing itself, or the environment) will change, which will cause the base oil in the grease to keep going in and out of the thickener, and each time the base oil goes back, it doesn't necessarily go back completely. After a long time, the performance of the grease will change, and the lubrication will not be satisfied, so re-lubrication should be applied. For greases with insufficient base oil, the color may change. Also, if the temperature is abnormal, the properties of the grease also change greatly, so there will be discoloration. If the temperature is high, it will carbonize. The color will darken.

3. Impurities entering the slewing bearings
        During the operation of the bearing, impurities are mixed into the grease. This impurity may be peeled off by the bearing itself, or it may be entered by the outside world. It may be solid, it may be liquid, and these will affect the properties of the grease.
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