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What should I do if the bearing suddenly heats up?

    When using the bearing, we will encounter the phenomenon of a sudden increase in the bearing temperature. We must first analyze the reason why the bearing temperature rises? (HONBbearing07)

    It can usually be analyzed from the following:
1. The bearing cooling water is interrupted.
2. Thermometer plate (expansion type thermometer) The black needle overlaps with the yellow needle or exceeds the yellow needle.
3. The oil quality is degraded, the oil itself is not clean or the oil is degraded during operation. For example, the increase of water in the oil will cause the acidity of the oil to increase, which will reduce the lubrication effect of the oil, cause the bearing bush to be corroded, and cause the temperature of the bearing to rise.
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    Based on the above analysis, the temperature rise problem can be solved from the following three items.
1. Check whether the cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system are normal. If the water pressure is low, it may be that the filter is clogged, and when it cannot be processed in time, it can be shut down for processing. When it is confirmed that it can work, it can be put into use.
2. The oil pressure of the governor should be checked. If the oil pressure is low, it may cause the cooling water hydraulic valve to close.
3. Take an oil sample to observe whether there is any change in the color of the oil, and conduct a laboratory test to see if it has deteriorated. If the deterioration is confirmed, the machine should be shut down and replaced with new oil.

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