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What is the role of bearing superfinishing?

    Bearing super-precision process is a kind of feed motion to realize a finishing method of micro-grinding.HONBbearing07
    The surface before superfinishing is generally precision turned and ground. Specifically, under good lubrication and cooling conditions, a fine-grained abrasive tool (whetstone) is used to apply a small pressure to the workpiece, and in the direction of rotation of the workpiece perpendicular to the rotation direction of the workpiece, the workpiece rotating at a certain speed is fast and short reciprocating oscillating motion A kind of finishing method.

What is the role of bearing superfinishing?
    In the rolling bearing manufacturing process, super precision is the final process of bearing ring processing. It can reduce or eliminate the circular deviation left by the grinding process, repair the shape error of the groove, refine the surface roughness, and improve the surface physical and mechanical properties. It plays an important role in reducing the vibration and noise of the bearing and improving the mission of the bearing.
     It can be embodied in the following four aspects:
    1. It can effectively reduce the waviness. In the super-finishing process, in order to ensure that the whetstone always acts on the crest and does not touch the trough, the arc of the whetstone and the workpiece is ≥ the wavelength of the waviness of the workpiece surface. In this way, the contact pressure of the crest is relatively large, and the peak is Is cut, thereby reducing the waviness.
    2. Improve the groove shape error of the ball bearing raceway. Super-finishing can effectively improve the groove shape error of the raceway by about 30%.
    3. Compressive stress can be generated on the super-finished surface. During the superfinishing process, cold plastic deformation is mainly produced, so that after superfinishing, residual compressive stress is formed on the surface of the workpiece.
    4. It can increase the contact area of the working surface of the ferrule. After super-finishing, the contact bearing area of the working surface of the ferrule can be increased from 15% to 40% after grinding to 80% to 95%.
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