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What are the effects of lubrication on rolling bearings?

    Lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. Lubrication has an important influence on the fatigue life and friction, wear and vibration of rolling bearings. About 40% of bearing damages are related to poor lubrication. The purpose of bearing lubrication is to form an oil film between the rolling surfaces of the bearing to prevent direct contact between metal and metal.

    The effects of lubrication on rolling bearings are as follows:
1. Reduce friction and wear and extend the life of the bearing;
2. Discharge the frictional heat to prevent the bearing temperature from rising too high;
3. Prevent the intrusion of foreign matter and play a sealing role;
4. Prevent metal corrosion.

 Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (HONB) was established in December 2005, located in the Luoyang ,China. HONB with more than 300 employees which specializes in manufacture of YRT,YRTS,YRTM,ZKLDF Series rotary table bearings, RA,RB,RE,RU,CRBH,SX Series crossed roller bearings and CSG,SHG,HYR series robot reducer bearings. The precision grades are P2, P4 and P5, and the size range is 20mm ~2000mm.

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