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How to repair bearings?

    Bearing cleaning: When disassembling the bearing for maintenance, first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the residual amount of lubricant, and wash the bearing after sampling the lubricant for inspection. As the cleaning agent, cleaning agent and kerosene are commonly used. The removed bearings are cleaned, divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning. They are placed in the container, and a metal mesh is placed on the bottom to prevent the bearing from directly contacting the dirt in the container. During rough cleaning, if the bearing is rotated with dirt, it will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, so care should be taken. In the rough cleaning oil, use a brush to remove grease and adhesions. After it is roughly clean, switch to fine cleaning. Fine washing is to carefully clean the bearing while rotating it in the cleaning oil. In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean.
    Bearing inspection and judgment: In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be used, it is necessary to check after the bearing is cleaned. Check the state of the raceway surface, the rolling surface, the mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase of the bearing clearance, and the damage that is not related to the decrease of dimensional accuracy. For non-separable small ball bearings, use one hand to support the inner ring horizontally, and rotate the outer ring to confirm whether it is smooth. For separable bearings such as tapered roller bearings, the rolling elements and the raceway surfaces of the outer ring can be inspected separately. Because large bearings cannot be rotated by hand, pay attention to checking the appearance of rolling elements, raceway surfaces, cages, rib surfaces, etc. The higher the importance of the bearing, the more careful inspection is required.

    Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (HONB) was established in December 2005, located in the Luoyang ,China. HONB with more than 300 employees which specializes in manufacture of YRT,YRTS,YRTM,ZKLDF Series rotary table bearings, RA,RB,RE,RU,CRBH,SX Series crossed roller bearings and CSG,SHG,HYR series robot reducer bearings. The precision grades are P2, P4 and P5, and the size range is 20mm ~2000mm.

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