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How to install and use bearings correctly?

    Bearings are precision products, and only the correct installation and use can maximize their effect and extend their service life.
How to install and use the bearing correctly, you can refer to the following points:

1. Bearing quality
    First of all, check whether the lubricating grease has bad conditions such as deterioration, agglomeration, impurities, etc. This is an important basis for determining the cause of bearing damage.
    Secondly, check the bearing for seizure and wear; check the surface finish of the inner and outer rings, rolling elements, and cage of the bearing, and whether there are defects such as cracks, rust, peeling, pits, overheating and discoloration, and measure whether the bearing clearance exceeds the standard; check Whether the shaft sleeve is worn, pits, peeling, if any of the above conditions should be replaced with new bearings.

2.Bearing fit
    When the bearing is installed, the matching between the inner diameter of the bearing and the shaft, and the outer diameter and the housing is very important. When the fit is too loose, relative sliding of the mating surface will be called creep.
    Once creep occurs, the mating surface will be worn and the shaft or shell will be damaged, and the wear powder will invade the inside of the bearing, causing heat, vibration and damage.

    When the interference is too large, it will cause the outer diameter of the outer ring to decrease or the inner diameter of the inner ring to increase, reducing the internal clearance of the bearing.
    In order to select a suitable bearing, various factors such as the nature of the bearing load, the size, the temperature condition, and the rotation of the inner ring and the outer ring must be considered.

3.Adjustment of bearing clearance

     If the bearing clearance is too small, due to the excessive shear friction loss of the grease in the clearance, it will also cause the bearing to heat up. At the same time, the clearance is too small, the oil volume will be reduced, too late to take away the heat generated by the friction, which will further increase the temperature rise of the bearing .

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