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How to fix the inner and outer rings of the bearing?

    There are many methods for positioning and fixing the inner and outer rings of rolling bearings. The following are several commonly used methods:
a) Use the shaft retaining ring to be embedded in the groove of the shaft, which is mainly used when the axial force is not large and the speed is not high;
b) The shaft end retaining ring fixed with screws can be used to withstand large axial forces at high speeds. The screws should have anti-loosening measures;
c) Fasten with round nuts and stop washers, mainly used in the case of high speed and large axial force;
d) Use tapered sleeves for positioning, stop washers and round nuts for fastening, for bearings on the optical axis and with a tapered bore in the inner ring.
e) Use elastic retaining ring to fasten the hole embedded in the shell groove, mainly used when the axial force is not large and the size of the bearing device needs to be reduced;
f) Fastened with bearing end covers, used for all kinds of centripetal, thrust and centripetal thrust bearings with high rotation speed and large axial force;
g) Use the elastic retaining ring for the shaft to be inserted into the stop groove of the outer ring of the bearing to fasten it, which is used when the housing is inconvenient to set a shoulder;
h) Fastening with threaded ring is used when the bearing speed is high and the axial force is large, but it is not suitable for fastening with the bearing end cover.
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