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What are the secrets of bearing fault diagnosis?

    Keep in mind the characteristic frequency of the rolling elements of the inner ring and the outer ring
It is true that there is a bearing failure, and the frequency component is difficult to hide
    Look at the low frequency of the spectrum first, and see if it is asynchronous
If there is a non-synchronous component, the fault can be divided into three points
The characteristic frequency harmonics are stored, and there is no doubt about the corresponding faults
    Looking at the high frequency of the frequency spectrum, there is a fault in the modulation.
The outer ring is characterized by frequency modulation, there is no doubt about the loosening phenomenon
Inner ring fault to frequency modulation, can also be used as an evidence component
Look at special circumstances, and diagnose faults appropriately
If a single frequency exists, whether the bearing needs to be identified
    High frequency is also very important. Early failures are divided into high frequency
Low frequency does not have high frequency, always follow diligent
If the damage is very serious, there is a hole in the high frequency lift
Timely replacement is not a fluke, to avoid accidents at all times
    The mechanism of failure should be clearly understood, right and wrong should be distinguished
Lubrication status is often checked, debugging and assembly do not relax
There is a knack for diagnosing bearings, I believe that science can't be wrong

     Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (HONB) was established in December 2005, located in the Luoyang ,China. HONB with more than 300 employees which specializes in manufacture of YRT,YRTS,YRTM,ZKLDF Series rotary table bearings, RA,RB,RE,RU,CRBH,SX Series crossed roller bearings and CSG,SHG,HYR series robot reducer bearings. The precision grades are P2, P4 and P5, and the size range is 20mm ~2000mm.

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