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Why the bearing have abnormal noise?

    There are many reasons for abnormal bearing noise. Today, Hongyuan Bearing will analyze the following main reasons for everyone. (HONBbearing07)

1.The grease has impurities.
2.Insufficient lubrication (the oil level is too low, improper storage causes oil or grease to leak through the seal).
The clearance of the bearing is too small or too large (manufacturer problem).
3.Impurities such as sand or carbon particles are mixed into the bearing to act as an abrasive.
4.Contaminants such as water, acid or paint are mixed into the bearing to play a corrosive effect.
5.The bearing is clamped flat by the seat hole (the roundness of the seat hole is not good, or the seat hole is not straight).
6.The shim on the bottom of the bearing seat is not flat (causing deformation of the seat hole and even cracks in the bearing seat).
7.There are debris in the bearing seat hole (residual chips, dust particles, etc.).
8.The sealing ring is eccentric (touching adjacent parts and causing friction).
9.Bearing is subjected to extra load (bearing is tight in the axial direction, or there are two fixed-end bearings on a shaft).
10.The fit between the bearing and the shaft is too loose (the diameter of the shaft is too small or the adapter sleeve is not tightened).
11.The clearance of the bearing is too small and it is too tight during rotation (the adapter sleeve is too tight).
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