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CRBFV3515AUUT1 crossed roller bearings

     RU series crossed roller bearings (Integrated Inner/Outer Ring type) Since the mounting holes are provided, the model does not require a presser flange or housing. In addition, because it has an integrated inner/outer ring structure and is equipped with washers, its performance is minimally affected by the mounting procedure, ensuring stable rotation accuracy and torque. This RU Crossed roller bearings can be used for both inner-ring rotation and outer-ring rotation.(HONBbearing07).

RU66 crossed roller bearings
Feature of Crossed Roller Bearings
1. High accuracy and load capacity. Precision ground V grooved ways and rollers.
2. Withstands force in any direction. Alternately crossed rollers 45º angle.
3. Easy Installation and get used to small spaces. Threaded mounting holes in standard pattern.
4. Factory preloaded for minimum axial play and low coefficient of friction.
Application of Crossed Roller Bearings
•Industrial Robotic arm,Reducer drive
•Percision Turntable,NC rotary table
•Rotation part of Machine tools
•Inspection instrument,Medical equipment
•Aero&Aviation equipment,Military radar etc.

    Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (HONB) was established in December 2005, located in the Luoyang ,China. HONB with more than 300 employees which specializes in manufacture of YRT,YRTS,YRTM,ZKLDF Series rotary table bearings, RA,RB,RE,RU,CRBH,SX Series crossed roller bearings and CSG,SHG,HYR series robot reducer bearings. The precision grades are P2, P4 and P5, and the size range is 20mm ~2000mm.

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