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What are the robot bearings?

What are the main bearing structure characteristics and series models of robot reducer?
    It is used for several axes at the end of an industrial robot with a small load or a large robot. The harmonic reducer is a kind of harmonic transmission device. The harmonic transmission device includes a harmonic accelerator and a harmonic reducer. Harmonic reducers mainly include: rigid wheel, flexible wheel, and harmonic generator, which are indispensable. Among them, the characteristics of harmonic reducers used in small robots are small size, light weight, large carrying capacity, high motion accuracy, and large single-stage transmission ratio.
    Harmonic reducer bearings include two types of rigid bearings and flexible bearings. Rigid bearings include four series, CSG (CSF) series, SHG (SHF) series, CSD series, and SHD series. The naming method uses the name of reducer; flexible The bearing is named HYR.
CSG (CSF) series
    The outer ring is divided into two pieces, and the inner ring is of integral structure. Flanges and bearing blocks are not required for installation. It is mainly used in the output parts of various reducers of the CSG (CSF) series.

    The outer ring and the inner ring are of integral structure, which has almost no effect on performance during installation, and can obtain stable rotation accuracy and torque. It is mainly used in the output parts of various types of reducers of the SHG and SHF series.

   The outer ring and the inner ring are of overall structure, the outer diameter is the same as the CSG type, and it is more rigid than the CSG type bearing. It is mainly used in the CSD series deceleration output part. The outer ring and the inner ring are of integral structure. The inner ring has teeth, which can directly mesh with the teeth on the flex wheel. The height is lower than that of SHG.

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