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Bearing characteristics

    Bearings are important components in machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support mechanical rotating bodies to reduce the mechanical load friction coefficient of the equipment during transmission.HONBbearing07

According to bearing direction or nominal contact Angle is different, divided into: centripetal bearing, thrust bearing.

According to the type of rolling body, divided into: ball bearings, roller bearings.

According to whether the center can be adjusted, it can be divided into: adjustable bearing, non-adjustable bearing (rigid bearing).

According to the number of columns of the rolling body, it is divided into: single row bearing, double row bearing, multi-row bearing.

According to the parts can be separated, divided into: separable bearing, non - separable bearing.

There are also classifications by structural shape and size.

    Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing( HONB) specialize in producing YRT rotary table bearings, crossed roller bearings ,hamonic reducer bearings and ball screw support bearings more than 15 years. The precision grade is P5,P4 and P2. We have supply above bearings to DMG MORI, GF, GROB, EMAG, HURCO,FIBRO, SANKYO, BFW, UCAM etc. for many years.If you have any bearing questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sylvia Zhang.  via lyhyzc7@gmail.com

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