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How to choose the suitable crossed roller bearing?

How to choose the right crossed roller bearings?

Crossed roller bearings are widely used today. But how to choose the right bearing has troubled many people. Because the cross roller has several different structures. HONBbearing07.

For correct selection, you can refer to the following aspects.

1. Size range. Dimensions are the most important parameter. First of all, you need to know the size of the bearing you need, or the size of the equipment that needs this bearing, and then you can determine the size of the bearing.

2. Structural form. because cross roller bearings have many structures even with the same external dimensions, there are outer ring split type (RB / RA / SX), inner ring split type (RE), and overall structure ( RU / CRBH). The key depends on whether the part that drives the rotation is installed in the bearing inner or outer ring. If outer ring rotation is required, the inner ring split type must be used; if inner ring rotation accuracy is required, the inner ring integral type must be used. Both the inner and outer ring require higher rotation accuracy, which is suitable for the inner and outer ring overall structure.

3. Installation method. According to the installation method, there are two categories of cross roller bearings, one is the inner and outer rings are with mounting holes, like slewing bearings, installation is relatively simple, directly connected to the equipment by connecting bolts;The other is that there are no mounting holes in the inner and outer rings, mainly through the bearing housing and the pressure flange and the interference of the shaft and bearing diameter.

4. Bearing capacity. Which type of cross roller is used must know whether it can withstand the load imposed by the equipment, and determine whether it is suitable according to the bearing capacity requirements of the equipment design and the rated load of the corresponding bearing.

5. Accuracy grade. 
 Crossed roller bearings are available in 3 accuracy classes, P5, P4 and P2. The P2 level accuracy is the highest, and the accuracy of the bearing is determined according to the accuracy requirements of the equipment.

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